DIY Jib test video

        I built a portable jib the other day to give production value to future product videos. This is the test video and picture of the jib.      … Continue reading

Motion Composite #3.1 (Emily Davis)

Long Form Panoramas

Long Form Panoramas: This is an ongoing project using video to create a composite landscape.  For viewing purposes, please click and enlarge each image. Unique detail is hardly visible in thumb nail form.

A collection of things.



Old Random Composites

This image at full size is 112″ wide and 6″ tall

Textures (continued)

There have been a few more Images in the Texture series that I have been meaning to get up and get out. only recently have I actually taken the time to compress the massive files to upload… Continue reading

Photo Sketch Book: Composites (Kimmy and Kristen) Continued.

I worked on a few more composites from these two sessions. Some I like more than others, but they have given me a few new insights into the direction my work is moving.… Continue reading

Photo Sketch Book: Composites (Kimmy and Kristen)

Right now im sitting on so many raw images that need to be edited into composites. Here are afew of the ones I’ve been siting on for a while Kim is also a… Continue reading

Photo Sketch Book: the Beautiful vs. the Sublime

This project is in its infancy and I would be hard pressed to make any grand assertions about this work. The purpose of this post is simply to get the images up and out… 

Motion Composite #2.1 (Kimberly)

Motion Composite #2 (Kimberly)

Parting Admissions

We sit apart now, separated by the length of a lens. Never to be returned to the ways of our past. Somehow in this desperate attempt to cling to a memory of what… Continue reading

Motion Composite #1 (Emily)

First experiment of this kind. Continued study of composite imagery, experimenting with video and sound. Emphasis on duration and relativity.

Emily: The Last Time

Looking Back

Tonight as I got home, I sat down at my computer to prepair myself for a night of photo and video editing. I just recently got a new hard drive and have yet… Continue reading

Tiffeny: White

Tiffeny: Green

Tiffeny: Projection Experimentations…

Emily: Introspection

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