Photo Sketch Book (Entry:1)

This entry marks my beginning of a photo sketch book. Too many times I have had ideas for photo projects that ended up never happening because I felt as though the execution of each photo would be too difficult or time consuming for high quality prints. This idea has been kicking around my head for years, but here and now I will start putting pure photo quality and technical execution in the back seat in favor of exploring the concept of each group of images. And then once a concept has been explored more pristine images can be made.

It occurred to me that many well known artists work with less than perfect or, in some cases, desirable images. I idolized Julie Blackmons work for no less than 2 years before I saw it in person. Although the images were spectacular in much of there concept and composition it occurred to me that there technical quality was rather thrown together.


Since moving to Chicago I have taken interest in, and fallen in love with, storefront windows of clothing stores. There is something magical about the illusions of perfection they offer the world. What I find most interesting about them is what elements they employ to create this draw of attention. In the high fashion stores that line the the Magnificent Mile there is a sense of theater…. Props are used along with highly dramatic lighting to make each storefront stand out. In many cases the mannequins themselves seem to be made specifically for the window and environment in which they stand.  In the more middle and lower class neighborhoods  it seems to be standard to line each window with garish florescent lights which after the shops close create a fantastic mood around the display in the window. So. Here is my first entry into my Photo Sketch Book

“Why dont you come join me”

Lady by the flowers

Nordstroms 1

American Gothic

Sex on Two Legs

Chanel 1

Nordstonms 2

Blond 1

Chanel 2