This is another post dedicated to work from years past. I started this work with the need to simply pick up my camera and make imagery. As I embarked on this admittedly formulaic and repetitive project, I started to find some interesting qualities in its ability to create interesting images. I have never received the academic feedback from this work that I have for my other composites, but I have always felt like there was something worth exploring¬† between the borders of each image. Some day in the future I’m sure I will re-explore this area and have something more academically pleasing to say than “they look neat”… but for now, most of my desire for these images lies in their visual interest.


Sticks and Bricks

Sticks and Bricks


Sky Sticks

Roof Holes

I See Your Cracks 2

I See Your Cracks 1

Ground Bricks


Grass and Wires

Field of Green

Dryed Leaves on the Dirty Ground


Broken Sky Line