Photo Sketch Book (more storefronts)

I have been continuing with my exploration of storefront windows. When looking over the photos as I was editing them, I started thinking about Hiroshi Sugimoto and his work with wax statues and dioramas, I’m not actually creating anything with these pictures. In a way I’m stealing someone else’s creativity and vision. What is the difference between capturing and observing storefront windows, and “people watching” and observing the rest of the world around you like Henri Cartier Bresson did. Both acts are somewhat random because the observer happens across a setting or location. The difference is the willing embrace of the absence of the “decisive moment” which Bresson was known so well for exploring. In fact… I have found a level of comfort knowing that any set of window displays will be available for me to return to for weeks to come.

This leads me to another noticeable difference between the high end store displays and the local neighborhoods. Storefront windows in the downtown area turn over with every holiday and season, whereas neighborhood windows tend to stay constant, regardless of season or event. Maybe that is why I feel less of a need to document them at this time…

By the way, I feel it’s important to point out that the titles in my sketchbook are tentative and are usually the first thing that comes to mind…. don’t always read too much into them.