Photo Sketch Book: Composites (Kimmy and Kristen) Continued.

I worked on a few more composites from these two sessions. Some I like more than others, but they have given me a few new insights into the direction my work is moving. The first time I worked with composite images, I was more concerned with tracking the motion and interaction of an individual or individuals in space, but now it seems to be a flurry of fragmented expressions, looks, mannerism, Ect. Although I miss the sense of environment that is lost when working this tightly, I enjoy the more intimate feel. The irony is that the image is more intimate because of the scale and focus of the image, but some how no one cut in the image is discernible enough to be a true representation of an individual. Enjoy and comment.

(Pictured: Kristen Sallis)

The two images here are esentialy the same, just with an experiment with opacity applyed to the above image. (Pictured: Kimberly Capriotti)

(Pictured: Kimberly Capriotti)

(Pictured: Kristen Sallis)