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Old Random Composites

This image at full size is 112″ wide and 6″ tall Advertisements

Looking Back

Tonight as I got home, I sat down at my computer to prepair myself for a night of photo and video editing. I just recently got a new hard drive and have yet… Continue reading

Imagined Landscape

Although not my largest body of work… I feel like these landscapes hold more potential for future work than many things I have undertaken.

Empty Night

Night Lights The fear of the dark is one of the oldest human fears. Our ancient ancestors would have had a fairly safe existence during the daytime, but when night fell, their ability… Continue reading


This is another post dedicated to work from years past. I started this work with the need to simply pick up my camera and make imagery. As I embarked on this admittedly formulaic… Continue reading

Magazine Negatives (2008 Test)

Selective Memories (BFA Exit Show 2009)

Selective Memories (Show Statement) Our brain lies to us. We sit across from friends and see them as a complete person. We stare out our windows and see the world as a romanticized… Continue reading

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