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Motion Composite #3.1 (Emily Davis)


A collection of things.



Photo Sketch Book: Composites (Kimmy and Kristen) Continued.

I worked on a few more composites from these two sessions. Some I like more than others, but they have given me a few new insights into the direction my work is moving.… Continue reading

Photo Sketch Book: Composites (Kimmy and Kristen)

Right now im sitting on so many raw images that need to be edited into composites. Here are afew of the ones I’ve been siting on for a while Kim is also a… Continue reading

Motion Composite #2.1 (Kimberly)

Motion Composite #2 (Kimberly)

Parting Admissions

We sit apart now, separated by the length of a lens. Never to be returned to the ways of our past. Somehow in this desperate attempt to cling to a memory of what… Continue reading

Motion Composite #1 (Emily)

First experiment of this kind. Continued study of composite imagery, experimenting with video and sound. Emphasis on duration and relativity.

Emily: The Last Time

Tiffeny: White

Tiffeny: Green

Tiffeny: Projection Experimentations…

Emily: Introspection

Tiffeny in the darkness& Andrea Blue: New composites

Ill have more to say about these guys later, but right now I just wanted to get them up and out

Andrea: Blue & White

This will be short because I feel as though it is a bad idea for me to talk in length about work that is largely experimental for me. This most recent image of… Continue reading

Andrea: White & Red

Photo Sketch Book: Confronting Portrait

I will keep this short for now, but for a long time I have felt at odds with portraits. I refuse to subscribe to the notion that anything “real” can be learned about… Continue reading


Emily and I have a complex history, but she has become my most dear friend and most frequent model. I very much enjoy spending time with her, relaxing and playing with the camera.… Continue reading


This is Tiffeny. Tiffeny and I have been friends for a very long time and she has put up with more “test shoots” than anyone else I know of. In our most recent… Continue reading

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