Tiffeny in the darkness& Andrea Blue: New composites

Ill have more to say about these guys later, but right now I just wanted to get them up and out Advertisements

Andrea: Blue & White

This will be short because I feel as though it is a bad idea for me to talk in length about work that is largely experimental for me. This most recent image of… Continue reading

Andrea: White & Red

Photo Sketch Book: Store Fronts Shot 11/21/10

Photo Sketch Book: Confronting Portrait

I will keep this short for now, but for a long time I have felt at odds with portraits. I refuse to subscribe to the notion that anything “real” can be learned about… Continue reading

New Work Coming Soon

I’m finally working again.

London eyes

Video I shot and edited at a fasion show for London Eyes School.


Inovasi Recently I was in Lake Bluff at the request of a friend to do some shots for this amazing restaurant called Inovasi.  The creation of John des Rosiers, Inovasi is a culinary… Continue reading

Photo Sketch Book (male gaze)

It occurred to me last night while looking over the quick pics that this project is about “Male Gaze” on some level or another.  There is much to be worked out with my… Continue reading

Photo Sketch Book (quick pics)

There will be more thoughts on this project in afew days or so, but I wanted to get these quick pics up and out there.


Emily and I have a complex history, but she has become my most dear friend and most frequent model. I very much enjoy spending time with her, relaxing and playing with the camera.… Continue reading

Photo Sketch Book (Storefronts: After thoughts)

Entry 3: Afterthoughts Storefronts. I have been trying to find out what it is about these storefronts that intrigues me. Most of the work that I have made in the past has always… Continue reading

Imagined Landscape

Although not my largest body of work… I feel like these landscapes hold more potential for future work than many things I have undertaken.

Photo Sketch Book (more storefronts)

I have been continuing with my exploration of storefront windows. When looking over the photos as I was editing them, I started thinking about Hiroshi Sugimoto and his work with wax statues and… Continue reading


This is Tiffeny. Tiffeny and I have been friends for a very long time and she has put up with more “test shoots” than anyone else I know of. In our most recent… Continue reading

Empty Night

Night Lights The fear of the dark is one of the oldest human fears. Our ancient ancestors would have had a fairly safe existence during the daytime, but when night fell, their ability… Continue reading


This is another post dedicated to work from years past. I started this work with the need to simply pick up my camera and make imagery. As I embarked on this admittedly formulaic… Continue reading

Photo Sketch Book (Entry:1)

This entry marks my beginning of a photo sketch book. Too many times I have had ideas for photo projects that ended up never happening because I felt as though the execution of… Continue reading

Magazine Negatives (2008 Test)

Selective Memories (BFA Exit Show 2009)

Selective Memories (Show Statement) Our brain lies to us. We sit across from friends and see them as a complete person. We stare out our windows and see the world as a romanticized… Continue reading

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